Cricket & Clover.
Released Never was released (Scrapped)
Recorded 2007, in a Cabin in the Mountains of Nevada
Length Unknown
Producer Rob Mathes
Genre Alternative

Cricket & Clover was a scrapped album in between A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, and Pretty. Odd. It is more popularly known as the Cabin album. 


After touring Fever, Panic! went back to work to start writing another album. They returned to a rented cabin in the mountains in Nevada. The band started to go a little crazy being separated from everyone else and they didn't seem to get any real work done.

The concept of this album was a little different. Instead of just a set of songs, Panic! decided to turn their second album into a story and each song led into the next song. "The lyrics weren't [written] as a band."  Ex bassist Jon Walker said. "We were writing the lyrics, putting them to a piano and trying to figure out what to do from there." The whole idea for this album soon started to collapse before their eyes. After returning, they decided to go to the practice space that they used to practice for their first headliner tour. From there, they decided to start the writing process over and work on new songs, thus scratching the whole Cricket & Clover album.
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Lyrics written by ex Guitarist, Ryan Ross for Cricket & Clover.

Songs / tracks

Many songs were written for the cabin album, but none of them ever reached the surface for anyone to actually download and grab a hold of.

There were a total of 6 songs that are known to have been written for Cricket & Clover. Only two have names.

(Note: These songs aren't in the order that they are here)

  • Nearly Witches (Released on the FOB Mix-tape under the name Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus. It was a demo at the time and didn't become an actual song until Vices & Virtues).
  • Technically, the song was written after they had come down from the mountains according to the drummer, Spencer, but it still counts as one of the Cabin songs.


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