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Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known professionally as Halsey, is an American singer and songwriter. Gaining attention from self-released music on social media platforms, Halsey has since earned one number-one album on the Billboard 200 with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, as well as two number-two albums with Badlands and Manic. She has earned two number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including "Closer", a collaboration with The Chainsmokers, and "Without Me"; she has also attained a top-five single with "Bad at Love". In total, Halsey has sold over one million albums and has been streamed over six billion times in the United States.

Friendship with Brendon Urie

  • Back in 2013, Halsey initially revealed her obsessive love for the band, a fan questioned that what is her favourite concert experience. She replied "Panic! at the Disco! I've seen them like 14 times haha!"
  • Solidifying their companionship, Brendon headed to Halsey’s ethereal live show, taking to Twitter shortly after, calling her an “unbelievable” live performer.
  • In 2015, Halsey’s debut album Badlands was released to huge acclaim from fans and critics alike for its eclectic and conceptual take on pop music. Amidst its huge hype, it caught the eye of none other than Brendon Urie who even took to "Fall Out Boy" basist Pete Wentz’ Beats 1 Radio 1 show to gush about the album.
  • On Brendon’s birthday in 2016, Halsey described him as “one of the most important people” in her life.
  • Halsey & Brendon performed at Coachella 2016 with P!ATD's "I Write Sins Not Tradegies" and Halsey's "New Americana"
  • Bonding over their love of pop punk, they embarked on the most incredible night out of them all – watching blink-182 live together.
  • Brendon has taken to Amazon Music to gush over how much he adores Halsey yet again, recounting his time joining her onstage at Coachella, going so far as to call her “one of the coolest artists out today”. “I got to meet her and she invited me to perform at Coachella with her,” Urie recalls. “What a cool opportunity, my only time I’ve been to Coachella and I got to perform with one of the coolest artists out today.”
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